We think of social media as high combustion fuel. You need visibility to keep moving! The right content on the right platforms means everything: engagement, visibility, and higher customer rankings. The essence of a brand’s identity must remain consistent when making choices about what to upload to the world.  It better be good. It has to be good. It better propel you quickly and in the right direction– companies need explosive fuel!  We blend our own high-octane mix everyday at the Fidelis shop and deliver it straight to your business so you can get down the road.

Even the rust-covered barn find can create “oohs and ahhs” with the right restoration job.  We do everything from pin-striping to frame off renovations for the companies that trust us to handle their presentation.  Brands should WOW your audience. We remind people everyday: a logo is not “a brand” — a logo merely represents a brand, as do all the visuals.  When we say we help build brands, we speak holistically: messaging, user experience, company ethos, visuals, and the ways these are represented in every public-facing format.  From business cards to radio ad buy, print media to Facebook, we help you turn heads.  Your presence in the market must delight your customers — your brand must draw eyes and drop jaws, or we haven’t done our job.

Websites are the engines of business, but few businesses ever unlock the full potential of that power.  Clunky. Sputtering. Barely noticed, many sites just sort of stumble along.  Businesses keep wondering why their pages don’t rank.  They feel the burden of keeping the content updated. They outsource content creation to subscription services.  Even so, their engine never seems to let out an earth shaking roar!  When finely tuned, however, websites drive a tremendous amount of business, referrals, and appointments.  They move merchandise, inform the public, or rally the public to help organizations fulfill their mission. We build high functioning websites to delight and inform the audience you need to reach.

Fidelis treats photo/video/ad copy like fuel additives —boosters that add horsepower. Excellent media keeps the business accelerating through hairpin turns on unpredictable roads.  From headshots to aerial sweeping footage, biographical pieces to explainer videos, beautiful images make compelling content.  We use sound engineers, talented editors, and skilled content writers to develop the pieces that keep stories fresh and passed around online.  From concept to final roll-out, we build media that moves people. We keep businesses zooming through their competitive markets and tough road conditions.  Media boosts businesses.

Strategy is a diagnostic and tune up. We use our entire staff when we “pop the hood.”  Many voices help decide what needs to be replaced or upgraded.  We make adjustments or recommend upgrades.  Every business is unique.  When we do business, we appreciate honesty and straight shooting.  IF your website is just fine, we aren’t going to push you to do something just to see the estimate soar.  We hate that kind of thing. We push people away from the costly add-ons, but will certainly make our strongest recommendations.  We even offer you a roadmap to show you what you can do down the road.  Fidelis believes more brains working to solve problems is better than one or two. Call the shop to schedule a tune up for your business.

Fidelis knows that marketing is where the rubber meets the road.  The great ideas, strategies, and beautiful images won’t do their work unless we can get your messaging launched into the world.  We use any avenue that works — highly targeted approaches work in certain situations and broadcasting works in others.  We can customize an ad-buy plan for online goals, utilize traditional marketing avenues like print, radio, television, or billboard signage. We approach traditional avenues of marketing in new ways.  We believe in tracking sales based on advertising is the best indicator of what works and what doesn’t. Linking web visits and phone calls to unique tracking phone numbers and URLs — we help you think through the lifetime value of a customer to know where marketing dollars should go. Maximizing ad spend dollars to increase sales is our ultimate goal. Excellent marketing can leave slick marks on the pavement and smoke in the air!

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