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Brand Workshop

A Brand Workshop helps build order, efficiency, and power into your company's communication strategy. Effective marketing starts with a solid brand platform.



Brand Workshop Addresses:

  • Brand Audits
  • Client Personas
  • Customer Journeys
  • User Experience Assessment
  • Market Trends / Analysis
  • Brand Position & Statement
  • Brand Delivery Systems
  • Voice Development
  • Brand Personality
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Brand Genesis and Refresh
  • Personal, B2B, and B2C
  • Naming, Taglines, Slogans
  • Brand Equity/Risk Assessment
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Brand Workshop


"I constantly am giving ya’ll credit as being a great company to work with. I am serving the same food as my other restaurants and have never won ‘best restaurant’ but we won it with this concept. That’s all you guys."

-Chef Tai Urban Table

"So awesome, it's like you read my mind!"

-Joe Carter Texas Burger

"I'm really happy with all of this...the animated logo makes me giddy! I can absolutely see a family opening their curriculum and seeing that intro! I thought I was being too picky, but then seeing it all come together in the brand manual made me realize that it was worth getting it all right. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this."

"We have had so many compliments on the Salon! Everybody is talking about our new look, the website, and how amazing the video is.  The buzz is out, and they're all talking about it!"

"Also, if I haven't said it, I really appreciate the way you work so hard to give us every advantage possible. It's a fantastic quality that makes a huge difference." 

-Michael Cody Howdy's Pizza

I Love I love I love!!!  You guys hit the nail on the head.  I really like all the work!! You guys are awesme and thank you for being patient. 

-DJ Rob


It's easy to obsess about 'building your business' - we all do. But have you considered what it means to 'build your brand?'

Of course, amazing products with great service and professional teams are critical, but how are you building loyal brand fanatics? The kinds of customers who never look anywhere else?

There is a process.
It's time to build your brand.
You are closer than you think.

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