Day 3: Transparency

In 30 Days of Marketing by Mark Douglass

Hey y’all. This is day three of a 30-day challenge. 

One of the things that marketing just gets slammed for – is a lack of transparency. There are (in digital marketing, especially) there’s a whole army of digital marketers that kind of consider themselves the Rockstar, the guru, or the wizard. Here at Fidelis, we place a really high value on transparency. So we want you to know what’s going on at all times.

Clients should know what’s working, what’s not working, where it goes next – and how people/leads are converting. You should know if it’s going well for you or not. So for those who place a high value on transparency, which looks like clean, clear, and simplified reporting. Sure – we can go to the deep end if you want to go to the deep end, but we attempt to keep reporting rather like an executive summary. We believe you should be well informed to make great decisions without having to dig through all the data weeds.

If you’re hiring, make sure that everything that is possibly able to be tracked IS tracked. You want good clean phone numbers. You want URLs. You want specific landing-pages. You want your ads to go to certain places, but everything that can be tracked should be tracked. Tracking will greatly increase transparency. Transparency in marketing is key. Key! I say.

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