Fidelis Creative Agency|Brand Discovery Workshop

Connect with your clients like never before.

A Brand Launchpad helps launch your company's communication strategy. Effective businesses start with a solid brand launch. Book a Brand Launchpad!

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Fidelis Creative Agency|Brand Discovery Workshop

Connect with your clients needs

A Brand Workshop helps build order, efficiency, and power into your company's communication strategy. Effective Merketing starts with a solid brand foundation. Book a Brand Discovery Workshop!

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The Brand Launchpad

It's easy to obsess about 'building your business' - we all do. But have you considered what it means to 'launch your business?' 

There is a process.

It's time to launch your business...

You are closer than you think.

We can help
The Brand Launchpad Addresses:

(tailored to your brand needs)

  • Brand Position & Statement
  • Brand Delivery Systems
  • Client Personas
  • Customer Journeys
  • User Experience Assessment
  • Market Trends / Analysis
  • Voice Development
  • Brand Personality
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Personal, B2B, and B2C

These are the first considerations. They create powerful success stories. We see it happen everyday.  

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The Brand Launchpad

What to Expect -

You might be wondering how our Brand Launchpad works
and what you'll take away....


First- You'll fill out a brief (seriously, we mean brief!) questionnaire where you tell us about your company and your biggest hopes and fears. We’d also love to get our hands on a link to your website and maybe even some of your promotional materials. Even if that means notes on a napkin! Whatever you'd like us to look at so that we can get to know you better.  


Then- The Brand Launchpad itself is about a 3-4 hour in-person interactive session. It looks like a few folks from our team and the key decision-makers/stakeholders from your company sitting eye-to-eye and talking through the glorious details.
Together we hammer out some foundational understandings of how your brand will appeal to your market to gain traction and attention We use a handful of resources we've gathered over the last five years to generate your brand statement, voice, and key marketing claims based on client personas/journey.

At Last!

At Last- When you leave the launchpad, your team will be unified and your messaging will be clear, concise, dynamic, and translatable to your entire organization. Then for the icing on the cake, we build a follow-up slide deck to make sure you have real tools to keep things moving. You will have your core identity hammered out, know your customers better, see where the marketing scripts need to point, and be poised to build killer collateral for your new brand (graphics/websites/print collateral/media/etc.). 

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Fidelis Creative Agency Brand Workshop


"I constantly am giving ya’ll credit as being a great company to work with. I am serving the same food as my other restaurants and have never won ‘best restaurant’ but we won it with this concept. That’s all you guys."

-Chef Tai Urban Table

"So awesome, it's like you read my mind!"

-Joe Carter Texas Burger

"I'm really happy with all of this...the animated logo makes me giddy! I can absolutely see a family opening their curriculum and seeing that intro! I thought I was being too picky, but then seeing it all come together in the brand manual made me realize that it was worth getting it all right. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this."

"We have had so many compliments on the Salon! Everybody is talking about our new look, the website, and how amazing the video is.  The buzz is out, and they're all talking about it!"

"Also, if I haven't said it, I really appreciate the way you work so hard to give us every advantage possible. It's a fantastic quality that makes a huge difference." 

-Michael Cody Howdy's Pizza

I Love I love I love!!!  You guys hit the nail on the head.  I really like all the work!! You guys are awesme and thank you for being patient. 

-DJ Rob