You're Communicators! Your graphics, decks, and materials better look like you have something important to say. We are here to help you knock 'em out!

You have access to the Truth. You have a message that profoundly impacts your audience's very lives for generations. Your communication delivery-system is extremely important. Clarity and wonderment should work together to command the attention of your audience. You might need sermon notes on a great slidedeck with custom icons. You might be looking for a dynamic way to present yearly contribution goals to a local food bank. Maybe your next project is a study on the life of Abraham —whatever you plan to present — it has to look fantastic! If it is worth talking about, it is worth presenting well. Las Vegas has nothing to say to the public's soul, but man do they know how to say it! Your staff reaches hundreds (or thousands) of people each week with transformational teaching — is it artfully produced with the least amount of headache? Does it raise eyebrows and delight an audience used to the same old same? Your presentation materials certainly can do more than you ever thought. We've developed a seamless onboarding process, a streamlined workflow sequence, and we deploy enough young design talent to keep the creative vibe pulsing forward.

The last thing your staff should be doing is chasing down graphic/web designers and media production teams. We know - that's our job. We handle everything from motion graphics for video intros/outros to floor banners and social media graphics. When you need nonprofit branding - for the new campus, the new men's group, or the new missions campaign, we're here.  When you need help with your nonprofit design services - print, signage, or digital display, count us in!

We have a customized questionnaire that's quick to fill out and easy to interpret for our design teams. We respect your time, budget, and sensibilities as we furnish you with no-nonsense creative work. Our clients like the Fidelis approach, and we think you will, too. Contact us to see if we can help; we will send you the pre-engagement (no-commitment) questionnaire that will save time, money, and hassle. We would love to get building content for your organization.

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