Fidelis Blimp


Unlike us, this thing is full of hot air.



You aren’t the sort of person who mingles with the unwashed masses. Certainly not! Why — to travel by smog-infested highway or common aviation fuselage is tantamount to licking subway handrails or consuming the leftover plate offals of a departing dinner guest. God, no; you wouldn’t think of it. You and your family are people of uncommon quality – you hale from an ancient family line dedicated to the twin demi-gods Refinement and Sophistication. You and your confidants wouldn’t be spotted in a ride-share program or deign to step onto a city bus only to be assaulted by the odors and sights of humanity unscripted. No, when you and tes amis scuttle off to Cape Cod or St. Barts, you exclusively travel as gentlemen of the last century always have: by dirigible, of course.  Might we suggest this bespoke aircraft: a vessel well-suited to transport a dozen of your friends away to even better places than your daily Edenic existence. When you tire of your routine luxury and need to escape to different environs full of more exquisite pleasures, we offer the Fidelis Zepplin with the attending manservants available at your request.