Retail Brands Build Identities Customers Want to Love

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Brand development starts with the customer-needs firmly in mind. Nobody builds a brand for their own singular-taste. You shop for yourself – you provide a shopping experience for others. Sometimes the overlap is complete, but often the market determines the offering. A creative agency can help you build an identity that signals to your market that they’re going to love your shop.

Creative agencies do so much more than just design logos and graphics for businesses. We help build a visual identity that will permeate every aspect of the brand for years to come.

Retail Shopping: A Dying Industry? Only for those who refuse to adapt!
It’s no secret that a physical storefront is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain in a world that’s trending ever more away from them. With several notable brands closing up their doors and leaving shopping malls nationwide, now is the time for small businesses to stand out in the crowd and to fill that gap between the ‘now’ and the ‘now defunct.’ Whether your brand is fully online or you have a storefront, a creative agency can help pull the customers that you are looking for into your doors (or your splash page).

By focusing on your unique brand voice and giving you a comprehensive understanding of the market around you, a creative agency/marketing agency can help make your brand stand out among your competitors. We work with you to create a voice that you can proclaim out loud, an identity that makes your ideal customer say, “Why haven’t I tried this brand before?”

an old classic

What’s in a brand – why does it matter?

A brand isn’t merely colors and a logo; a brand is a stance. It is a voice and a tone and a connotation, and in the world of modern businesses, it is paramount. A brand voice is about what your company says to the public, and about understanding who your message must reach. The current consumer climate demands this understanding, and won’t settle for anything less. Gone are the days of simple brand recognition – now the game is both recognition as well as establishing/reinforcing that customer connection.

A creative agency can help you consider these brand identity considerations when determining how your brand comes across, and who it is trying to reach. This undertaking can be harder than it sounds, but once you’ve got it, you’re able to focus on what matters in your business – your audience, the customers, and delivering value.

Once you have a voice – get loud!

Once you’ve established a brand voice, the rest of the pieces of your brand identity can fall into place. You introduce your brand to the world, a whole new look and feel – and then what? A creative agency can bridge that gap between the beginning (or re-birth/re-brand) and end. We help by creating media and a marketing plan that connects with your would-be customers. Somewhere between who you are and what your customers need is the point where all the magic happens.

To make connections with your market, a creative agency can offer a variety of creative services. Your business will need: business cards, a website, stationery, media, advertisements, and a variety of other print and digital collateral. These elements combined help your brand feel consistent and professional and get your voice into every aspect of your marketing.
Websites are especially crucial; they’re non-negotiable. Your website is the face of your business, the first thing that some customers will see upon searching for you online. An excellent creative agency can make sure that your site beautifully and efficiently conveys precisely who your brand is, what you offer, and who benefits from your product or service.

a new example: Coterie Boutique knows their clientele


If a brand voice is the starting point, the finish line is a successful, recognizable brand that reaches those that the message is designed for and gets people through the door. We believe that understanding the heart of your business out there in your marketing will put you ahead of the curve in a changing retail climate, and give your brand the boost that it needs to thrive. Now is the time to speak up – it’s time to let the world know about your voice, and to say it LOUD.

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