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The Brand Manual podcast engages the people who make brand-identity and marketing decisions for companies everyday.  We pop the hood to find out how they are getting the most horsepower for their message and inquire about where they are heading. Some of our guests are pushing established brands faster and further, and some interviewees are in start-ups — already turning heads and growling down the road. We hope you enjoy the show and keep tuning in as we talk branding.


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mark douglass

Mark is an owner and Chief Communications/Culture Officer at Fidelis Creative Agency. He lives in Texas with his wife and children. His kids are off at college (or soon to be), but no matter where they are - they all know how to contact him when in need of funds. Mark reads, writes, tinkers on his old Volvo, listens to records and grows trees in his spare time. It's a slow life, but it suits him just fine.

timothy douglass

Tim is an owner and CEO of Fidelis Creative Agency. He grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas. He is married to his wife of 15 years and has 3 children. Having opened the company in 2007, he deeply understands that his clients' success is his success.


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