Spotlight: V. Patrick Gray Custom Homes

The most exciting branding projects for Fidelis (or any creative firm), are those perfect blends of wide-open possibilities and shared values. We often work on projects with built-in constraints — tight restrictions on budget, preferred mediums, or entrenched messaging points that cannot be altered.  This is just part of working with brands in general — the way creative work goes.  We are lucky because the majority of our projects quicken the pulse with the freedom to go any direction; this company was poised for rapid growth and the client chose to be bold and embrace change.

We knew we were working on a great brand the day we walked into V. Patrick Gray’s offices. Everyone feels great when they interact with Pat’s team.

But in terms of communication: we knew we needed a new direction. There wasn’t anything we had to overcome on the messaging/branding because the old logo/website wasn’t making any impact.  Mr. Gray had a great reputation on his name alone, but the real story behind his firm needed to be revealed.  As we questioned him, pulled out the “why” behind his company, and listened to his stories —the more a message developed.  We knew we were asking quite a bit from him —it isn’t easy to change a personal brand statement and he wasn’t sure which way were going to take him.  Always cool and collected, Mr. Gray believes you should “never let ‘em see you sweat,” but I think he might have been a little more nervous than he let on!  We certainly felt the magnitude of our impact on what he was building.

After several rounds of brand discovery and  refining his aesthetic preferences, his brand statement and mission began to crystallize.

HERE is a link to their (NEW) redesigned website.  Below you will find a screen shot of their old website. We hope you agree that it was a leap forward.

V.Patrick Gray Custom Homebuilders was such a great project — the exhausting media build day really paid off when we put it to work into the website.   It never fails, the longer our team works side by side with our clients, we seem to develop new ways of operating within set restraints and find new ways to latch on to the best parts of any company. We work to internalize a client’s mission as our own and adopt their best virtues so they come through in what we build for them.  Like VPG Custom Homes, we are also building for generations. Mr. Gray is a great model our agency hopes to follow — we took pretty good notes!

Below: their OLD website and logo ….

Old Website Screenshot